New Challenges

I need to rant and rave about these new challenges Im facing. They used to be so easy before I got pregnant, and in the first stages of my pregnancy. Challenge number one: getting up from a couch/ chair/bed….wow, I’ve never had to think first before I get up, but now I must think of a ‘strategy’ to get up. It makes me feel larger than an elephant….and old.

Challenge number two: reaching my feet
This one has more difficulties. I cannot bend over to wash or oil my feet, so they are always ashy and dry, unless hubby decides to help. I cant put my socks on….winter is coming, I’m gonna need this ‘skill’ otherwise I will freeze.

Challenge number 3: wearing pants or legging
This challenge is related to number two, I cant bend far enough. I struggle with this everyday, maily because even if I decide to wear a dress, I still have to wear underwear, wich is not as easy as it used be….i never even thought of it….
Those are the new physical challenges I am facing right now. I am not ignoring the heartburn, headaches, swollen feet and constipation; I am just highlighting the most recent.


The joys of pregnancy :)

The joys of pregnancy :)

This cartoon describes me in full…..

Beautiful Zebra Skin

I am 21 weeks¬†pregnant with my first baby ūüôā and I am very excited about it. However,¬†there are just some things that I really struggle with, like strech marks, gosh, they are like insults on my belly. And they show up out of nowhere I woke up and looked in the mirror (I do that every morning to check out my growing belly) and they ruined what was suppose to be a good day.¬†I spends hundreds of rands on oils and lotions that are suppose to get rid of them. I look like I’ve been scratched by a cat or I am turning into a zebra.¬†¬†Doctors (who aren’t trying to sell you a cream) say that strech marks are much deeper than we think and no cream or oil can reach that area where they actually start cracking. That is very discouraging.

I know this a battle that every pregnant woman has to fight, and every commercial promises miracles and we go on and spend all that hard-earned money and expensive stuff that only make you smell nice but doesn’t really do what we need it to. so maybe it’s time we stopped fighting strechmarks and started embracing them. No? Well if we don’t, we will forever be spending money we dont on creams that don’t work and we will stay depressed by the lines that should be reminding us of the BIGGER mission that we are on.¬†A mission which¬†is much greater and more fulfilling than having no stretch marks (or so I’ve been told). I read somewhere that I am suppose to take these ugly lines on my body as war-scars, I think that’s the best (and cheapest) approach.

From today, I will not pout when I see my stretch marks, I will smile (fake it till I actually make it) or just look away.